Trainers’ Talk: Fast Food is Making our Nation Fat

The Rite Bite’s new blog segment, “Trainers’ Talk” is a community of fitness instructors and trainers contributing to discuss some of the topics we see often in our field.

How outside of ourselves have we become? We are quick to point fingers and pass blame. We go to great lengths to avoid self reflection and admittance of any flaws.  Yes, our food needs to be regulated better. Yes, making unhealthy/unnatural foods affordable and obtainable is not great for us. But let’s be real, McDonald’s doesn’t make us fat!   The fact of the matter is, fast food chains are not forcing us to order heaps of processed crap and shovel it in their mouths.

No more excuses. Lack of self control and poor choices are the most common factors of weight gain. That being said, I am sympathetic to those who are genetically predisposition to hold more body fat, or are on necessary medications that include weight gain as a side effect. But for the majority of the population, it really is as simple as calories in vs. calories out. We must commit to doing something to break the weight gain cycle! Take responsibility for your health. Quit passing blame and take control!

- Emily Olsen B.S. in Exercise Kinesiology

Fitness Director at The Rite Bite

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

AFAA/ZUMBA/TRX/SilverSneakers/WERQ certified Group Fitness Instructor

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